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Robert Bruzio



  • “Working with Robert could not have been any more of a pleasure. He is super dedicated, unendingly hard working and truly collaborative. I would not hesitate to embark on another adventure with Robert.” - William Chartoff, Producer (ROCKY BALBOA, CREED, CREED2)

  • “Robert Bruzio is a talented, collaborative writer with an agile, curious mind as well as a kind, ethical human being.    Anyone would be lucky to work with him.  Robert is an oasis of calm professionalism in the midst of an often challenging business.” - Lynn Hendee, Producer (ENDERS GAME)

  • “She had tears in her eyes and was like, ‘This is so good and I have to do this,’” - Actor/Producer Joe Manganiello on Sofia Vergara reading STANO (BOTTOM OF THE 9th) screenplay.

  • “When I first read Robert Bruzio’s lovely screenplay “Stano” (BOTTOM OF THE 9th) I knew he’d found an unusually poignant story to tell and had crafted a fine work of screenwriting. But I wasn’t prepared for Robert’s great willingness to collaborate with the creative team to take the script to the next level and turn it into a finished movie that we could all be immensely proud of. His ability to put the movie first, beyond any ego or anything else, was a refreshing and admirable trait to find in a writer—and I can say that because I’m a writer! As they used to say, he’s ‘the real stuff’.” - Academy Award Nominated Director, Raymond DeFelitta

Official BOTTOM OF THE 9th Trailer


Sofia Vegara and Joe Manganiello

Sofia and Joe shooting a scene from BOTTOM OF THE 9th on Arthur Avenue in Bronx. NY.

Shooting BOTTOM OF THE 9th (formerly STANO) at Staten Island Yankees Stadium

Filming at a real New York Yankees facility was a long dream come true!



Baseball is one of my loves and it was truly thrilling to be able to tell this story and see it come to life.


Telling stories that take you
on an emotional journey .


Robert's most recent feature, BOTTOM OF THE 9th follows a man who returns to the Bronx after serving 17 years in prison for a violent mistake he made as a kid that ultimately robbed him of a professional baseball career and the love of his life.